About us

As the Planning & Strategy team at UNICUS at the University of Sheffield our goals are to collectively build & develop the commercial businesses throughout the withUS brands by means of consistently providing a superior service for our customers; in fact our aim is to surpass our customers’ expectations time & time again.

Across the portfolio from our boutique hotel to numerous meeting and event venues, café’s & bars, delivered hospitality and the provision of first-rate customer service whether for weddings, celebrations or for gala dinners etc. our objective is to deliver an exemplary service on each & every occasion.

Providing a consistently quality product for our customers is only half our story however; the delivery of successful operational management is critical too. Managing our costs, choosing quality local suppliers, training, coaching & mentoring our people, being aware of our competitors activities, knowledgeable about developments in our industry, benchmarking our businesses against others, account managing our clients & listening to & being responsive to our customers are all qualities that have made us become the business we are.

Our Mission is:

  • Building a community by continuing to develop an exceptional residential & catering experience, through engagement & support.
  • Valuing people through investment in our staff & their wellbeing, placing students & customers at the heart of every decision we make.
  • Delivering success through improving value, ensuring quality, providing great service & developing partnerships.
    Reinvesting any surpluses to maintain & improve facilities and services. Working towards a sustainable future.

Gavin Brown, Head of Commercial Services leads a focussed, proactive & ‘hands-on’ approach to managing UNICUS; we have a very clear vision of where our business will be in six months, a year, two years, five years and so on.

If you feel our people & our business is one you could work with then please contact us; we’d love the opportunity to have an informal chat to provide you with further information about all the withUS brands & just how we see our vision taking UNICUS forward.

We believe our values, behaviours & mission for the future are delivering success; we also have a confidence, belief & passion for what we do which we believe you will find infectioUS.